I have dreams –

the eventual north woods

a bookcase filled room

to escape from a city of stuffed memories

which do not digest (even with

the assistance of ventilation).

I’ll be alone in the endless winds

companion of flowers and ferns.

When you return from faraway lands

there will be no face for you

to avoid the stare of.

The gifts you leave on the table

will go unwrapped.

It is silence with a ribbon tied round it;

even though you know I need

so much more than that –

don’t you think?

In my dreams

I’m older than I even imagined.

Unwinding the clock has become more difficult

than anyone could have anticipated.

North woods –

give me release from expectations:

there will never be

more discussion than that which

takes place between our eyes

never be

clean enough air in this apartment

never be

time that does not tick.

Release from expectations

so maybe one day again

I can breathe.