May 18th

by christycelia

This is extremely disjointed, and that is the gist of my day yesterday. So, intentional in that manner, but difficult to consume none the less.


The night rabbit sits in the yard
on a small patch of dirt amidst the freshly greened grass.
He says, “I am scared. But I am watching for you.”

That is how we agree. Sit on the
benches almost broken and try not to convince one another
our bad ideas are good.

I speak to you (in terrible angels)
over strung on stimulation
whirling dervish around worn art houses.

My mind cannot unlatch
pictures of ziptie created animals floating
geometric glass tile and humans. Certain humans.

Something about the methodological flow
of basement, naked photographs; photographer
convincing the blond to pose for him,

Something of the blanket of sun warmth
yorkies in baskets
too perfect Sunday.

Some such delirium from this week’s work. My body is angered
but my mind is floating, somewhere I cannot
catch up.